Do you love someone? Wanna get married at Oddmall? How about just, like, a reaffirmation and renewing of vows sort of thing? Cool…

Oh man, do we have a treat for you!

It’s my understanding that people all over the place kind of dig certain other people more than they dig other people. Sometimes people in that category like to snuggle with each other, fondle each other in interesting ways, and share tax liabilities and living space.

To celebrate that special love we are EXTREMELY proud to announce something really great happening at Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird at 4pm on Saturday May 6. My man Dale Harding, secular wedding officiant and all around awesome guy, will be presiding over a ceremony in which EVERYONE is invited to participate. Whether you want to actually get married (if so, let Andy know and he’ll pass the word to Dale), you want to do a handfasting, a reaffirmation, a renewal of vows, or you just want to feel a little closer to your snugglepotamus we have you covered.

Dale and his cuddlesaurus.


It all goes down on the Oddmall stage at 4pm on Saturday. DO NOT MISS IT!!!!! Imaginary studies show that 12 out of 9 divorces begin by people not doing this thing I just mentioned, so stay safe and make it happen.

To reiterate, this ceremony is for EVERYONE of all genders, identities, religions, nationalities, and whatnots. If you love someone and want to let them know it in a special way, we’ll see you there.

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