Oddmall Flyer Request Form

Attending craft shows or conventions throughout the year? Do you visit local businesses, coffee shops, game stores, and other various locals? Perhaps you love Oddmall and just want to spread the geeky word?

We can provide you with Oddmall post-card sized flyers -on the house. Just fill out this form and we’ll send some flyers (and possibly some goodies for your hard work) as soon as we can.

Our only request is that everyone stays safe, ask permission when distributing at local businesses, and does the best they can to distribute the flyers they have requested (you know- to keep costs down and maximize our effectiveness).

Name: *
E-mail: *
Address: *
Approximately, how many postcard-sized flyers do you feel you can effectively distribute? *
Please give us a brief idea of the places and areas you are able to distribute flyers. (Just so we have an idea of who is helping where.) Examples: Local businesses in my town (Barberton, OH), at my table at craft shows/conventions (Crafty Mart, Gen Con, etc), game nights in Columbus... etc.
Would you be interested in a couple larger flyers for windows? (If available.)

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