Tattoos at Oddmall? You better believe it, Buster…

I think you guys are really going to slurp the juice I’m about to lay down on you. Dig this, BRETT FREAKIN’ GUERRA – acclaimed painter, sculptor, illustrator, and tattoo artist will be at Oddmall in Akron on May 6-7 ( Brett will be selling his artwork and DOING TATTOOS at the show. If you want one of his amazing tattoos I suggest you show up early and get yourself over to booth 195 (in the downstairs concourse) to see what’s what.

Also, look how handsome he is in that picture up there. I predict a pile of swooned bodies and fainted debutantes heaped in front of his booth.

Brett Guerra has been working as a professional artist since 2000. He graduated from Oakridge Academy of Arts in 2007, in Pittsburgh, PA. Soon after, Abstract Tattoo was founded in 2010.

A painter, sculptor, Illustrator, graphic designer, granite etcher, and tattoo artist; Brett dedicates his life to any and every artistic expression that he has been able to achieve. Abstraction, surrealism, and realism are the themes most commonly explored within his body of work.

Dig more of Brent’s jazz at

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